Francisco Meirino - Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners

Forthcoming Releases

Francisco Meirino « A New Instability » LP on The Helen Scarsdale Agency

Francisco Meirino « The Process Of Significance » 4 CD boxset on Misanthropic Agenda

Francisco Meirino « A Collection Of Damaged Reel Tape Loops » LP on The Helen Scarsdale Agency

Francisco Meirino « Four Installations » CD on Firework Edition Records 

Collaboration with Bob Bellerue «untitled yet» CD on Flag Day Recordings

Collaboration with Gregory Buettner & Simon Whetham « Arc Residency » 

Works in progress 

Francisco Meirino « untitled yet » CD (+ 30 copies with 7’ Reel tape ltd ed.) on Sentimental Productions

Collaboration with SEC_  « untitled yet » LP on Mikroton Recordings

Collaboration with Louis Schild

Collaboration with Scott Arford « D.A.M.N »

Collaboration with Eamon Sprod

Collaboration with Laurent Güdel

Collaboration with Jérôme Noetinger