Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners                                                             F r a n c i s c o    M e i r i n o



92 pages black & white book + 7 tracks audio cdr, limited to 50 copies,

Edited by Shiver Sounds in 2011




tr.v. trans·duced, trans·duc·ing, trans·duc·es

- To convert, (energy) from one form to another


This is an attempt at working with words in the same way as I work with sound. This book is based on texts extracted from my notebooks, sometimes a whole page, sometimes only a few sentences. Some pages are taken from the original handwritten pages but most of them have been re-typed on an old typewriter.


By writing and drawing when it's hard to stay awake and by using a language which is not my native one, I try to avoid the "censorship" of self-correction and to rely instead on raw intuition.


All audio and visual data assembled at Shiver Mobile in Lausanne, Switzerland by Francisco Meirino 2010-2011.


audio extract.