Francisco Meirino - Sonic Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners

Upcoming Live Performances

S O L O  &  C O L L A B O R A T I O N S 

07.09.19 Ausland, Berlin, Germany, modular solo set + Stefan Roigk

12.09.19 Le Bourg, Lausanne, Switzerland, duo with Jerome Noetinger + Les Sirènes

21.09.19 API, Geneva, cover of «For Ann (rising) by J. Tenny at the  release party of Music 109, a book by Alvin Lucier, new french ed.  

04.10.19 Rapid Ear Mouvement Festival, Bremen, Germany, solo set 

13.10.19 Cave 12, Genève, Switzerland, collaboration with Carl Michael Von Hausswolff

08.11.19 Noiseinstanbul, Instanbul, Turkey

15.11.19 Labo 6x15 no5, UNIL-Grange de Dorigny, Lausanne, Switzerland, solo set + N.Valsangiacomo, J.Jhabvala, C.Fellay, C.Le Forestier, B.Moreau…

29.11.19 Spettro, Brescia, Italy, solo set

14.12.19 Le Bourg, Lausanne, Switzerland, modular solo set + duo with Nina Garcia(Mariachi)

15.12.19 Cave 12, Genève, Switzerland, modular solo set + duo with Nina Garcia(Mariachi) 


20.09.19 The Centerpoint #21 : Louis Schild, Cinéma Bellevaux, Lausanne

01.11.19 The Centerpoint #22 : Emma Souharce, Cinéma Bellevaux, Lausanne

13.12.19 The Centerpoint #23 : Nina Garcia, Cinéma Bellevaux, Lausanne

31.01.20 The Centerpoint #24 : Tarab, Cinéma Bellevaux, Lausanne

Past shows

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