Francisco Meirino                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners


Vinyl 7’’, Misanthropic Agenda (USA), pressed in a limited edition of 500 on clear vinyl in prescription packaging.

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After more than 5 years in the making, US-label Misanthropic Agenda have released a collaborative vinyl single of me and my pal Lasse Marhaug (Jazkamer).

An endless back and forth mixing, editing, remixing and re-editing took place to create an aural equivalent to a hyper manic mental break down and the flip side, a chronic depressive crash. What's jammed into 12 minutes is an album's worth of sounds. Two tracks, each named after popular pharmaceuticals used to treat the symptoms contained within. 

This medication can be taken at both 33 and 45 rpm.

Mastered and Cut by Rashad Becker.

Medical graphic design by Håvard Gjelseth.


Vital Weekly

Together with Lasse Marhaug, Meirino recorded a 7", 'play at 33 or 45 rpm', with some medical theme. 'Flupentixol' is a swift montage (even at 33 rpm) of sounds glued together, like found sounds from old reel-to-reel tape snippets found on the floor. I thought I heard snippets of James Bond movies, but I might be wrong. The whole demontage of sounds reminded me of old Mixed Band Philantrophist LP, which acted in a similar craze. 'Lamotrigine' is less speedily collage of sounds, but a rather concentrated effort of magnetic fields, intercepted by electronic sounds towards the end and other sounds dropping in and out. It makes two entirely different sides, but together a great 7".