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Label : Idiosyncratics (Bel) / Format : CD / 13.- Euros (E.U. shipping included)


Assembled, performed and recorded by Miguel A. Garcia and Francisco Meirino,edited & mastered by Francisco Meirino at Shiver Mobile. Artwork by Elise Gangebin-de Bons


"Nonmenabsorbium is a cerebral work of powerful compositions that combine technical prowess with haunting intrigue." The Brvtalist


Prolific Swiss electronic composer Francisco Meirino (Misantropic Agenda, Entr'acte, Antifrost) and Basque country’s most prominent left-field musician  Miguel A. Garcia aka Xedh (Crónica, Idealstate) team up and go for the rawest  yet most carefully built electronic experimentation. No-input mixer, modular synth, field recordings & magnetic fields find themselves at the core of this true gem  of radical electronic music, savvily handcrafted with by two experts of the genre.(label press release)

N E W   R E L E A S E



Label : Fragment Factory (Ger) / Format : CD / 13.- Euros (E.U. shipping included)


"La Gueule Du Loup" explores raw improvisation in a crude, almost cruel manner. On this project the two musicians build musical pieces free of pre-existing structures  or recorded sounds. The electronic matrix arises from the modules and is immediately  propelled into the atmosphere. The two unpatched modular synthesizers first suggest  a virgin circuit, patches are build during the performance, during the composition.  Cosmetic memory plays a secondary role here, catapulted sytles shoving the idea of  unified styles, this is another memory, where the patch is a substitution  to ensure  a sound coherence of elements, tones, micro-tones, rhythms, order and chaos.

Recorded during a residency at GRM, Paris.

N E W   R E L E A S E



Label : Thalamos (Gre) / Format : CS 36, Ltd 100 copies  


A cassette tape : a new piece of musique concrète: Modular Synth, voice, piano, toy guitar, field recordings, and UPIC (highC) source recordings treatments.


Digging inside yourself, requires a huge stash of patience & persistence to overcome every obstacle found. You have to dig down, deep enough, to discover something that will make you dig deeper & deeper. After listening to Francisco Merino’s “Dissension” you will appreciate the fact that you came out alive after all & this is certainly a good start, isn’t it? (label press-release)

C O M P O S I T I O N   F O R   E N S E M B L E


Epidemic is a new piece for ensemble. I have composed this piece for 10 instruments and electronics, for the Ensemble Phoenix in Basel, the piece was commissioned by Daniel Buess, who sadly passed away in march 2016, Epidemic is dedicated to him.


The piece was perform at HeK in Basel , june 10th and 11th and at Cave 12 in Geneva the 12, it will be released as an LP by Aussenraum records in 2018.

R E S I D E N C Y   A T   E M S   S T U D I O S


I will be doing a residency at Stockholm's EMS studios between march 15th and 18th 2016, to work on their Serge & Buchla modular synths. At EMS,I will conduct binaural and direct to disc recordings with the Buchla 200 and Serge modular system to create an extended soundbank to use for a future solo album.

S E L E C T E D   T O   F I L E   F E S T I V A L   2 0 1 6


My piece A Possibility (one of many) has been selected to be part of the FILE 2016 - Electronic Language International Festival, in the "Hypersonica" catgory in Brazil.

N E W   R E L E A S E



Label : Misanthropic Agenda (USA)/ Format : LP


Fiction is my collaboration with Nicolas Bernier, Ars Electronica Golden Nica award winner. It is a study in feedback and psychoacoustic challenging the listeners perception and raising questions of what reality and fiction truly are.


Comes in three editions : Black vinyl - or - Black and color striped - or - an ultra limited edition in random colors (only 14 copies).

N E W   R E L E A S E



Label : Firework Edition Records(Swe) / Format : CD, digipak Ltd 200 copies

I am proud and honored to collaborate with the writer, visual artist, stage performer,composer, mastermind and King of Elgaland-Vargaland (KREV) : Leif Elggren


Trop Tôt is composed and performed by Leif Elggren and myself, and features the voice of Laura Daengeli.