Francisco Meirino - Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners

SHAPING THINGS (a simple spectrum)

Shaping Things (a simple spectrum) is a composition for 10 oscillators and back tape commissioned by Nicolas Bernier for his Oscillator Ensemble in 2018.


The oscillator ensemble is an ongoing project made in collaboration with scholars, students and artists. This 10 musicians electronic music ensemble stands at the antipode of the miniaturization of today's musical technologies. The post-wars oscillators that serves here as instruments are heavy machines producing only the most rudimentary signals: sine and square waves. The oscillator makes it possible to return to the basis of the sound creation with the assumption that the functional simplicity of the oscillator will oblige a reflection on the precision of thought on time and frequency structures.

• Direction: Nicolas Bernier

• Support: UdeM, FRQ-SC

The video was realized thanks to the PDS Sessions from PERTE DE SIGNAL

Director : Florence-Delphine Roux

Technical assistance : Robin Dupuis, Thomas Périvolas

Editor : Nicolas Bernier

Website screen capture - video still from F-D Roux.


2018 : Earle Brown, December 1952 (1952) var.

2018 : Francisco Meirino, Shaping Things (a Simple Spectrum) (2018) 12 m

2018 : Candas Sisman, SYN-Phon (2013) 10 m

2017 : Xavier Ménard, États altérés (2017) 7 m

2016 : Kevin Gironnay, Ignis Fatuus (Solis) (2016) 12 m