Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners                                                             F r a n c i s c o    M e i r i n o



cdr ltd 50 copies, Very quiet records (UK) december 2012



Digital copies here 


This cdr, it's simply what its title says : a recording of freezing a microphone (hydrophone - inside a water bag). From the liquid state to the ice state, the original recording is 3 hours long, this release presents in around 40 minutes, 4 selections : from after 20 minutes to after 180 minutes.

Nothing more, pure source recording.


Assembled and mastered at Shiver Mobile in 2012.


R E V I E W S :


Vital Weekly 862

"Francisco Meirino has the most conceptual recording here, at least judging by the title and the text on the cover. I assuming that the four pieces mentioned on the cover, 'after 20 minutes (water)', 'after 60 minutes', 'after 120 minutes' and 'after 180 minutes (ice)' reflect the various stages of freezing a mic, as the title promises us. Here we are dealing with four very quiet pieces of sound, but more of a static nature, with hardly any movement at all, or distraction from outside. Minimalist and conceptual, but also a fascinating release."