Francisco Meirino - Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners


CD, Geraeuschmanufaktur (Germany), matt finish 4 pannels digipak, 200 copies, november 2014

Last copies + Digital Edition here

The source material for this opus is the sound of different setups all involved in the so-called Selective Melting Process : fiber laser emission, eddy current crack detection, powder deposition system, ultrasonic sieving. The setups were activated by Jamasp Jhabvala and recorded by Francisco Meirino with binaural mics, electronic PVDF stethocscopes, stereop condenser mics, hydrophones, custom emf detectors and piezo transducers.

Then we did a multichannel live improvisation with Jamasp playing the violin and electronics and me using those source recordings through a max/msp patch on my computer. That live session was then edited by both of us at my Shiver Mobile Home Studio.

Francisco Meirino : raw source recordings and treatments, computer and electronics.

Jamasp Jhabvala : setups activation, violin and electronics.


Vital Weekly

The CD I may have played 10 times by now, and every time it seems to pass me by. I have no idea why that is.

Once I fell asleep, but usually I was too distracted to give this a lot of attention. I never heard of Jamasp Jhabvala before but I understand he is a violin player from the world of improvised music. Somehow a setting was created by Meirino, I assume, in which Jhabvala could play and it was picked up by binaural microphones, custom electromagnetic field recorders, electronic PVDF stethoscopes, stereo condensor microphones, hydrophones and piezo transducers. That may account for the fact that the violin is something we hear in here a few times, or maybe more than a few times, but it sounds all... processed? Strange? All of those notions are true here and it makes not very easy music, but once, and I did, you open up for this, a refined work of beauty unfolds.

It's not the usual Meirino cut n past job, which is something I like very much and as such I may have to adjust very

much to a more continuous, crackly, drone work with these highly processed violin screeching, but it's something that works wonderfully well.