Francisco Meirino - Sonic Anthems For Unsuccessful Winners

IN ABSENCE OF SONG  with Gerritt Wittmer & Romain Perrot

Cassette 20 min, Geräuschmanufaktur (Ger), High-bias chrome cassette with 4 panel fold-out cover artwork and obi, ltd 100, released 25 March 2014.

Artwork & design by Francisco Meirino, edited and mastered by Francisco Meirino.

Sold out.


A    Live At The End Of Tymes Festival, Brooklyn, 2013    9:09

B    Studio "Reverse-Engineered" Version, 2013-2014    9:08

Absence Of Song

Side A, a collaboration between Romain Perrot(VOMIR), Gerritt Wittmer and Francisco Meirino recorded live at the Ende Tymes Festival in Brooklyn 2013.

The B side features a studio "reverse-engineered" version of the live recording from side A.


Le Son du Grisli

On sait le goût de Romain Perrot, Gerritt Wittmer et Francisco Meirino, pour les tremblements intentionnels. Ensemble, les voici interrogeant l’absence : de chanson, d’abord, mais aussi de peine, de son, de vie et de mort (« notes » de jaquette). 

Or, cette absence est un refus, qui se concrétise au son par un drone grêle mais tenace aussi, qui court le long d’une apparition en public (Live at the Ende Tymes Festival, Brooklyn, 2013, en première face) et d’une réécriture en studio (Studio « reversed-engineered » version, 2013-2014, en seconde face). A chaque fois, la réunion est obscure et ses instruments « dissimulés » : c’est que Perrot, Wittmer et Meirino, chantent ensemble un Tableau pour la Fin des Temps qu’une anxiété partagée confine – devant l’enjeu, n’était-il pas nécessaire de s’inquiéter d’absence, ou de refus ? – et, mystérieusement, illumine.

Guillaume Belhomme

Vital Weekly

More music by Romain Perrot, whom we also know as Vomir. It's his release I started with when I started to play these three new releases by Geraeuschmanufaktur. Eightteen minutes of two versions of the same piece. On the first side we hear the live version and on the other we have the 'reverse engineered studio version'. It was recorded, live, in Brooklyn 2013, at the End Of Thymes Festival and consists of a sustaining feedback like organ drone, voice and something that maybe one could identify as something falling to the floor causing more distortion. It's quite harsh, and I seem to enjoy the b-side of this more. The feedback/organ is less piercing here and the whole thing sounds more composed. The voice turns out to be someone sleeping, apparently so when the piece comes to a natural ending. This is quite excellent noise.